How to stay in shape in the cold winter season

Winter is a beautiful season, it marks a difference in our daily lives, there are holidays, like Christmas and New Year. The weather becomes cold and our activities change drastically, we use clothes according to season, spend some serious time shopping gifts, clothes, Christmas food etc., we decorate our houses and children are very excited, with all of the aforementioned is very easy to neglect your fitness routine, our time availability is reduced a lot, besides, the cold weather really discourages us.

Many people would rather to stay in home watching tv, being best carpet cleaner reading or comfortably seated in a cozy and warm couch than go outside to do some jogging with all that cold, after all pausing our routine some days will not make any difference in us right?, well that’s actually wrong, our body will suffer the effects of skipping exercises for two or three months, fortunately there are some advices to take in count to stay in shape during those days.

Tips to stay in shape in winter

– Keep focus in your goal, remember the prize, set goals that will help to keep you motivated, think how awesome you will be on spring and summer, or in the benefits for your health, and remember that exercises gives you energy to face those cold days full of activities.

– If you usually workout after work, consider the option of exercise in the morning, it will give you energy for the day and you will have free the rest of the journey, you will be able to relax at night being warm and cozy in your favorite couch.

– Try something new, that’s exciting and will encourage you to keep pursuing your goal, find a new gym, or try a new indoor routine, there are several things that can be made at home like jumping rope for example.

– Try to exercise with fun, think about dance classes, or dance groups at home, like a party for exercise, videogames can help too, there are consoles and games that help you to exercise, that is the evolution of fitness videos.

Keep yourself motivated

– Keep yourself motivated, buy some new training gear, remember to buy right clothes for the season, waterproof and not bulky, if you feel comfortable with the proper equipment and clothes that will make you try harder.

– Put some pressure on you, post your progress in social media, join online fitness groups, that will keep you motivated.

– Try winter sports, take advantage of the season and try exciting sports that will help you to keep in shape and amused.

– Make things easier for yourself, keep your exercise gear at hand, if you need a towing company to take out your exercise gear for winter from the bottom of the garage, you will be discouraged.

– Program your thermostat to start warming your house a few degrees before you wake, if it is cold at that moment you will want to keep in your warm bed.