How water can help you lose weight

How water can help you lose weight

Sometimes, when we’re hangover from a tiring working day or an exhausting activity that demands a lot of physical effort, a simple glass of water might be the best cure to all our aches. Water is an amazing liquid that gives us a great amount of benefits and among the most underestimated and overlooked there is the ability to help us lose more weight.


Yes, water is one of the things we must ingest while going on a diet or exercise program intended to make us lose weight, but how does something so simple like water help us on this titanic task? Follow the read and find out!

Appetite suppressant

This is one of the many qualities that water has. Drinking a glass of water prior to every meal will help you feel fuller and restrict the amount of food we’re about to eat. Some portals dedicated to do research in the areas of health and nutrition say that we may avoid ingesting 75 calories every time we have a glass of water before eating, which means we can lose from 9 to 12 kg in a year just by doing this with every meal.

Sugar replacement

This might be a quite difficult to implement in our lives: use water as a replacement of sweet beverages such as sodas and bottled juices. The reduction of the amounts of sugar makes a great impact on the goal of losing weight that can be seen on a few weeks. Of course, water has no flavor and can bore us quickly, so adding some lemon slices will help us avoid the tiredness of drinking nothing more than water, additionally, the lemon slices have pectin that help us suppress food craving.

Low temperatures

Drinking cold water will make our bodies work harder in order to make the water warmer. This water “heating” comes from the burn of calories present in our reserves, and this makes us accelerate our metabolisms to accomplish our weight loss goal. So you know, the colder the water, the better for our bodies.

Gym friendly

There’s nothing crazy on carrying some water to your training session on the gym, in fact you can think it’s obvious to have a water bottle with you while doing some of your exercises. But water isn’t there just to keep you hydrated. A decent consumption of water will help you deal with muscle cramps and will give you extra strength to work out harder and for longer times, since it keeps joints well lubricated.

Drink enough

The advised amount of water someone has to drink is 8 glasses (250ml) a day, more if your workout makes you sweat a lot. This is an average value as the amount of water you need to drink will depend on your size. Be sure to contact some companies that can make sure you are drinking the purest of waters. Be aware that the darker your urine, the more water you must drink.